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Kevin Anthony Brown is an author, essayist, literary translator and reviewer who has written, been anthologized in, contributed to or translated eight published or forthcoming books, including: Think Back Yesterday & Other Essays: 1983-2023 (in progress); Countée Cullen’s Harlem Renaissance: A Personal History (essay-cycle forthcoming from Parlor Press, fall 2023); Best American Essays 2021 (Mariner Books/HarperCollins); Best American Essays 2019 (Mariner Books/HarperCollins); (The San Diego Decameron Project Anthology: Stories from the Pandemic (Ink Spot Press, 2021); a translation into English of Efraín Bartolomé’s Ocosingo War Diary: Voices from Chiapas (Calypso Editions, 2014); The New York Public Library African American Desk Reference (Ch. 14, “Music”) (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2000); Malcolm X: His Life & Legacy (Millbrook Press, 1995) and Romare Bearden: Artist (Chelsea House, 1994).

Kevin A. Brown is a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

Kevin Brown’s work has been featured on television broadcasts, at conferences, lectures, in print interviews and podcasts like «Coast to Coast AM» with Richard Syrett as well as in many daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications. Wikipedia information on Kevin A. Brown is superseded by this website, and disavowed.